Village of Rio Public Works Department

The employees of the Village of Rio Public Works department are dedicated to providing safe and efficient services to village residents. Public works employees maintain our streets , provide leaf, grass and brush collection. In addition, the Public Works crew operates and maintains the Village's water and wastewater utilities.


2016 Drinking Water Quality Report
2017 Drinking Water Quality Report
Garbage Pickup Schedule 2017
Garbage Pickup Schedule 2018
Trash & Recycling Guide

!!! The Village of Rio Sewer Utility Needs Your Help !!!

Recently, the Village of Rio Sewer Utility has experienced an increase in wastewater pumping station malfunctions due to “disposable” cleaning items and wipes entering the wastewater stream. Many cleaning products labeled “disposable” or even “flushable” can cause problems for homeowners and the Village. Disinfecting wipes, Swiffer mop refills, baby wipes, and other products made from similar materials should be disposed of in the trash- never flushed down a toilet. These items do not dissolve or break down after being flushed and can clog household sewer pipes, resulting in an expensive and messy repair and clean-up for a property owner. If these items find their way into the Village’s sewer system, they can clog pipes and pumps in the Village’s sewer pumping stations. This leads to expensive repairs and potential interruptions in sewer service.

Please help ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the Village’s wastewater system by disposing of these products properly: in the trash.

Leaf and Brush Pickup

The Public Works Department provides curbside pickup of leaves, grass clippings and brush. Collections are normally on the third Thursday of the month, from April through November. Leaves and grass clippings must be in clear plastic bags. Please place items at the curb no more than 24 hours prior to collection day. Village residents who would like to haul their own brush and leaves may do so by dropping them off at the Village compost site located in the Municipal parking lot. Leaves may be left in the bulk piles located next to the recycling bins. Please observe the directions posted at this site. This site is available for disposal of clean plant material only– no trash, wood with nails or other hardware, building materials, or other items are permitted.

Garbage and Recycling

The village contracts with Advanced Disposal for curbside garbage and recycling pickup. Pickup for garbage is every Wednesday and usually begins at 6:00 AM. Pickup for recycling is on alternating Wednesdays. If a holiday is during the beginning of the week garbage pickup will be delayed and pickup will be on Thursday. If your garbage does not get picked up, please call Advanced Disposal at 800-387-0949.

Recycling bins/containers may also be used. Recyclables (Glass, plastic, tin, aluminum, cardboard and newspapers) can be mingled. Do not put loose garbage in 50 gallon drums or other large containers– it must be able to be handled by one person. For large item pickups, contact the Village office, fees may apply.

2017 Garbage Collection Schedule
2018 Garbage Collection Schedule

Municipal Recycling Center

Village residents may use the recycling center located in the Municpal Parking lot at any time. Recyclables should be placed in the marked recycling containers. These containers are to be used for recyclables only- no building materials, furniture, tires or other garbage is permitted.

Water Cross Connections

A cross connection is an unprotected direct (or potential) connection between drinking water piping and a contamination source. This can be as simple as a garden hose that is submerged in a swimming pool, a bucket of detergent, or other contaminated water. Other examples are supply lines connected to boilers, process equipment, or bottom-fed tanks. Under certain conditions, cross connections can allow tainted water to flow backward through the piping system and contaminate drinking water. These unprotected cross connections are prohibited. The Wisconsin Rural Water Association has made available a brochure explaining what cross connections are and how they can be avoided.

Water / Sewer Rates

The Village of Rio Water Utility has been granted a rate increase by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC). Water Utility customers will see a 3% rate increase effective January 1, 2016. Click to view the PSC Rate File for this rate adjustment.

Current Sewer Rates
Current Water Rates
Effective 2016 Water Rates

Snow Removal

It is a top priority of the Rio Public Works Department to keep Village streets safe for travel throughout the winter months. Residents can help make plowing and salting operations more efficient and effective by following the Village winter parking regulations. In addition, snow from a driveway or sidewalk may not be deposited on the street. If you encounter an unsafe situation on Village streets, please contact the Rio Public Works Department.

Winter ordinances:

Winter Parking

Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

Contact Information

DPW Director: Bob Lang
Phone: (920) 992-5454
Fax: (920) 992-6108

Mailing address: 207 Lincoln Ave., PO Box 276, Rio, WI 53960

Office hours: Monday- Thursday 8 am to 4:00 pm
The Clerk/Treasurer's office is closed daily from Noon- 1 pm